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Getting an Upgrade

Oh dear, well I suppose I should apologise to the 6,999,997 people that don’t read this blog. I’ve been away for… 3 months, to the day. Well, let’s not dwell on the bad. The reason is that I have been slaving away on my final year of my degree. Then I was just being a lazy bum afterwards. Those of you who have done a degree can understand some of us lazier students like to do nothing after a period of hard work. Well I’m back with a vengeance, I’m going to write a new post once every week, on Saturdays, then check it and publish it on the Sunday.

So with that shambles over, the rest of this blog will be devoted to deciding and displaying my plans for what each blog post should be about in future. I have my “What is Science?” series that I’d like to continue, perhaps eventually specialising into each area to demolish those old boundaries of things like “Ecology isn’t a real science!” (Yes this is an actual quote from a Chemistry undergraduate).

The next section is my work on agent based models and modelling in general which I will begin by publishing the post that I’d been working on back in May but I hadn’t quite finished it and didn’t manage to get around to publishing it that month (To be fair, my dissertation was due two days after it should have been published). I’m also continuing work in this field and as I develop the models and as I learn C++ (I hope I’ll get around to this as I was recommended to by Dr Hemelrijk, a leader in the field I’m interested in).

The final series I’ll be starting up will be ‘open letters’ like my open letter to my future self. I want to just be able to talk about general stuff, perhaps unscientific or to phrase it better, not about scientific disciplines and more about where they might be applied or where they have not been applied and even areas where they can’t be applied. For example ‘An Open Letter to Freshmen’ in which I would talk about how it’s okay for you to not go to the fresher’s fair, how it’s okay not to go out and get smashed with your fellow students et.c. These letters are inspired by John Green’s ‘open letter to’ section in his Crash Course History series on YouTube; I hope that they will be sufficiently different in character and style to be worth reading.

I suppose to finish off the blog I will let out the not so secret secret that I am a Nerdfighter and the way that I used ‘secret’ in that sentence reminded me of something I learned in a WeeklyWeinersmith podcast, it is an antanaclasis and I will leave the curious amongst you to google that and discover more about that concept.

* A personal matter prevented me from publishing this post yesterday, however I should be able to do this every Sunday from next week onwards.

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