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On my comfortable little niche

So I’ve been skiving off this blog for over a year now, my excuse would be that I’ve been busy sorting out applications trying to secure my first position, but that would be a Lie. I’ve been skiving off out of fear and dullness, fear of doing badly and dullness that is such a part of me that anything I do or make will be incredibly dull and anyone reading it will die in such a dull way that it will cause the lights to dim and the colour to be drained out of the world. Keep reading, I get less depressing after the second paragraph.

Dramatic hyperbole aside, my life after university is exactly what it was before only now with even less purpose. I have no goal, life drifts by occasionally nodding significantly at those around me and how much they’ve achieved and how much I have failed to achieve. Such is my comfortable little niche. I am back at my parents house, unemployed and comfortably playing video games and watching television letting the days slip by with nothing more than a futile hand wave.

This post is going to be my rebirth. I will begin posting again. However, instead of my previously stated goal of putting lots of work out, I am instead going to concentrate on the amount of work I put in. This, and my previous plan, is because I am a firm believer in the notion that ‘you get out what you put in’ and to get a good blog you need to do a lot of work on it. Previously, the way that I tried to ensure I put work in was to set a target of amount of work put out. This is not the same though. I could write a blog a day but if each post is basically a tweet and with the same amount of thought that goes into the average tweet, I am unlikely to improve my blogging skills.

With this in mind, my new plan is that I am going to write often and a lot. To ensure that I actually post what I write, I will allow only 3 revisions of posts not including making a draft post containing the seed of an idea for a post. This is to prevent me from eternally editing and giving it ‘one more edit’. So that’s my new plan. I’ll not have an exact schedule I’m just going to work on posts and publish them as I finish them. One new thing I may do however is writing posts about things I come across, for example SciShow did an episode a while back about Resurrection Biology, so called de-extinction, which to my mind, left out some pretty significant topics of discussion.

So that’s what I’ll be working on in future. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this thing going and actually do something of significance with it. Honestly I’ll be happy if I make a few more posts that get people commenting about how wonderful it is that I could explain something that they were struggling with. I’d like to say that’s because I’m such a nice person and I want to help people but I think I know it’s more that I like stroking my ego. So, eight revisions in, I think this post is ready. I’ll set it to publish next Sunday, giving me a week to work on the post after it. That way it’s a more delayed process but will allow me to potentially get in front of the schedule and have multiple posts ready to publish one after another. Ha, yeah that’s a pleasant fiction.

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